it might be a crazy life, but it’s our life


An excerpt from an email I sent shortly after returning from Bald Head, recapping all observations of Kate+8. What do you know, I did blog again.

I can hardly keep straight who I’ve told/texted/tweeted what (damn technology) so here are all the things I know about Kate + 8 from my trip. (these may or may not make it to the blog, depending on whether I ever blog again)

  • Her hair is bad. Really bad. Like, we walked in the market and she was facing the meat counter and Matt said “Holy shit, there’s Kate.”
  • She bought UNORGANIC Bush’s Baked Beans along with corn on the cob (white) and snap peas.
  • She was with the bodyguard who she is supposedly having an affair with. Matt and I have decided this is just a rumor.
  • TLC was filming while they were there.
  • Matt may be on tv.
  • While at the marina one morning, he saw the family leaving on the ferry for a day trip and ended up chatting with the paparazzi. Apparently Kate made herself very available, and told the paparazzi where to be to get photos, would prance around in different bikinis for photos, etc.
  • We saw the whole family on a tram about 730 Saturday night. When we got to the ferry Sunday morning to leave, the paparazzi were hovering. Matt and I have decided the family absconded in the middle of the night to trick the paparazzi.
  • Kate’s hair is really bad. Worse in real life than on tv.

3 Responses to “it might be a crazy life, but it’s our life”

  1. Just discovered your blog and wanted to say hi. Hi.

  2. HOW COULD IT BE WORSE IN PERSON?? HOW?? Doesn’t it make your eyelids itch just thinking about that reverse mullet (“rullet”?), let alone seeing it in person?

  3. Dude – the woman has a highlighted dead rodent attached to the back of her head; it doesn’t surprise me in the least it looks worse in person. I only wish you could have snuck a picture, but other than that, very detail-oriented and satisfactory reporting!

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